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Umraan Syed

U N D E R S T A N D  M E


Umraan Syed

My latest single “U N D E R S T A N D   M E” reminisces on the journey from childhood to adulthood, with a deep sense of nostalgia. The lyrics reflect on simpler times, compared to the complex realities of adult life, from societal pressures to personal struggles that we all deal with. This song captures the essence of growing older and the longing for a time when life seemed less complicated and more carefree.

The chorus is a passionate plea for understanding and as my voice echoes to the audience “Understand me, please. I plead with Thee”; a cry which illustrates our desire for deeper connections and purpose as we live the mundanity of everyday life.

D E A L I N’  A  F E E L I N’ / T R Y N A  P R A Y  I T  A W A Y

D E A L I N’ A F E E L I N’ / T R Y N A P R A Y I T A W A Y

Umraan Syed

D E A L I N’   A   F E E L I N’ / T R Y N A   P R A Y   I T   A W A Y” is a hip hop/rap track filled with layered metaphors and vivid storytelling. It takes listeners on a journey through the complexities of life’s darker moments. Opening scene is a reflection of a grade school anatomy class, recollecting the experience of working on a real life cadaver. As the story unfolds, listeners understand what it’s like to experience the irreversible consequences of split second decision making at an early age. The song has a theme of redemption amidst chaos in the law and the conflict of battling ambition while trying to survive. 

It wouldn’t be an Umraan Syed song without exploring deeper meanings of the human psyche, and the themes of guilt, responsibility, and meaning of life. The song is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, showing a deep longing to rise above the ashes and find a sense of true self amidst life’s challenges.