Umraan Syed

Umraan Syed

House In The Vines


Umraan Syed is a rapper, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from the Chicagoland area.

Coming out of his successful debut album, Bismillah, Umraan Syed is back with a new album titled “House in the Vines.” With the celebration of 14 songs, the 29-year-old Chicago-based artist is well known for producing and combining multiple genres, providing his life experiences in metaphoric lyrical writing style.

Blending Experimental and Hip Hop to his own dubbed niche sub-genre, Progressive Hip-Hop, Umraan is breaking ground, providing music consumers a sound that has never been signaled in the human ear before. Pushing a signature sound forward with fresh, innovative ideas leading to more profound lyrics that waste no breath or bar and no limits of what sounds he presents.


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